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Welcome to the first issue of Delta News, the quarterly newsletter for members of the Delta Purchasing Alliance (“DPA”). Our goal is keep all of you informed about DPA happenings, including:

  • New savings programs in areas such as dental, information technology or other areas ofspend;
  • Limited time savings offers or new products offered under DPA programs;
  • New health center members; and
  • News or events of interest to you or your staff.

As most of you know, DPA launched in January of 2017 and our first full year as a health center purchasing alliance has been an absolute success.

  • Our medical supply and equipment purchasing program with our partners McKesson and NACHC Value in Purchasing/Provista saved our original members over a million dollars on exact match items alone. The total savings, when you include substitute items, was even more significant.
  • Our office supply purchasing program through Staples offers tier level discounting not available through standard GPO membership, and our recently re-negotiated core list pricing stands to save our members significantly more in 2018.

Our CEOs elected in mid-2017 to open up membership in the DPA to health centers outside of the Best Practices organization. To that end, I’d like to extend a “Welcome” to North East Medical Services (San Francisco, CA), Community Health Center of Snohomish County (Everett, WA), International Community Health Services (Seattle, WA), Sunrise Community Health (Evans, CO) and El Centro Family Health (Espanola, NM). We look forward to growing our membership throughout 2018.

Finally, I’ll close by saying that I welcome all of your feedback and participation in the DPA. If you have ideas about our member communications, thoughts on savings opportunities or a desire to help out in any capacity, please email me at don.daniel@pmsnm.org.

You can find Delta Purchasing Alliance on the web at https://www.deltapurchasingalliance.com/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Delta-Purchasing-Alliance-562560577427811/?ref=br_rs.

Don Daniel

Executive Director
Community Health Best Practices, LLC