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The Value in Purchasing (ViP) Program, powered by the national GPO Provista-Vizient, has a new agreement with Medegen Medical Products. Medegen manufactures a wide variety of products, including sharps containers. What’s exciting for Delta Purchasing Alliance (DPA) members is that Medegen’s containers fit popular brackets that health centers utilize today. And Medegen products are very competitively priced with the potential to significantly save DPA members.

This new agreement was negotiated based on the need to provide a sharps container product line for ViP and DPA members that offers a price competitive alternative to branded and distributor label products that are not covered by a current Vizient contract. Obviously community health centers have a significant need for sharps containers and Medegen has a full line of sharps products available that fit existing wall units.

Medegen also offers two pricing tiers through the ViP/Provsita-Vizient contract. The elevated tier is more deeply discounted, but requires a commitment from individual members. ViP/Provista-Vizient and the DPA are working with Medegen to extend that elevated tier automatically to DPA members.

Even at base tier, initial savings potential looks strong. Savings will be determined for each DPA member. Savings will vary based on individual circumstances and DPA and ViP will have Medegen provide sample products to DPA members, specific to individual needs, for evaluation. DPA is excited to introduce Medegen.

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