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As we turn the calendar to 2019, I wanted to give each of you (and your health centers) a big “thank you” for your support throughout the year.  Thanks to your efforts, we continue to do a great job of saving our members significant money while also meeting the few compliance requirements we have with McKesson and Staples.

Our combined efforts are paying off as we are attracting the attention of individual product manufacturers, suppliers in other product categories (e.g., dental, information technology) and vendors of supply chain solutions.  Over the course of this year, I look forward to announcing expansion of DPA’s preferred pricing catalog and service offerings.  More to come!

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone who attended the Delta Purchasing Alliance purchasing managers’ conference in Las Vegas in October.  I think we had a lot of great content and a valuable chance to network with current and prospective vendors/business partners, as well as our health center colleagues from around the country.  We’ll start planning for our 2019 meeting very soon and I will keep you all posted on potential dates, locations and agenda items.

I wish each of you a happy and successful 2019!

Don Daniel
Executive Director
Community Health Best Practices, LLC