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Welcome to the Q3 2020 edition of The Delta Purchasing Alliance’s (“DPA”) newsletter.

In drafting the opening message for this edition of our newsletter, it occurred to me that there just aren’t words sufficient to capture the enormity of the change that has hit our health centers, our communities and our country over the last few months.  So rather than take on that impossible task, let me just start this newsletter by thanking all of you and your health center co-workers for the tremendous efforts you are undertaking to transform the way you deliver services so you can remain responsive to the safety net healthcare needs of the communities we serve. Each of you is a tremendous resource for community health, and I am in awe of your dedication to your health centers and the people you serve every day.

One thing that really sets the Delta Purchasing Alliance (“DPA”) apart from any other purchasing program out there is that we are 100% health center-owned and operated.  While part of my job is to manage this purchasing alliance and achieve cost savings for our members, my full-time “day job” is working on legal and compliance matters for a large health center in New Mexico.  Like all of you, I’ve been working closely with my health center colleagues to transition our services from face-to-face encounters to virtual.  I’ve witnessed the migration of co-workers from office environments to remote work.  I’ve spent countless hours on Zoom and Microsoft Teams discussing the latest changes to our local stay-at-home orders or the need to acquire more N-95 masks.  I understand the challenges each of you are facing as we look at our supply chains and ways to reduce costs in uncertain financial times.

In this newsletter I am excited to announce TWO new savings opportunities for members of the Delta Purchasing Alliance.  First, we have reached agreement with two preeminent national dental suppliers – Benco Dental and Patterson Dental—on preferred pricing agreements for DPA members.  Based on initial savings analyses we performed for approximately 17 of the DPA’s health center members, we believe these preferred pricing programs have the potential to save most of you quite a bit of money.  Our article later in this newsletter provides some details on how you can obtain a savings analysis if you have interest.

We also have entered into new preferred pricing agreements with national interpretation/translation services providers Cryracom and Language Services Associates (LSA).  Our current preferred pricing arrangement with Stratus Video has also been extended through July 30.  I encourage you to take a look at these opportunities, as the pricing being offered for DPA members is very aggressive.

We look forward to our partnerships with these new suppliers and vendors, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to continue to work with your health centers.

Don Daniel
Executive Director
Community Health Best Practices, LLC