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The Delta Purchasing Alliance has entered into new preferred pricing agreements with national translation services providers CyraCom and Language Services Associates (LSA).  These agreements are in effect immediately and will extend through at least the end of 2020.  In addition, our current preferred pricing arrangement with Stratus Video has been extended through July 30.  I encourage you to look at these opportunities, as the pricing being offered for DPA members is very aggressive.

Here is a breakdown of the rates available to you from each vendor:

Stratus Video (rates available until July 30, 2020

  • Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) spoken languages at a rate of $1.05 per minute
  • American Sign Language (ASL) over VRI at a rate of $1.77 per minute. Certified Deaf Interpretation over VRI at a rate of $4.95 per minute.
  • Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) all languages at a rate of $0.83 per minute.
  • No service fees.
  • Right to Use (RTU) program that eliminates capital expenditure for equipment.


CyraCom charges the same rates for both over the phone interpretation (OPI) and video remote interpretation (VRI) and will aggregate DPA minutes to determine tier discount qualification.

To begin, each individual organization’s discount will depend on the number of minutes per month that the organization uses (see Table 1).  These discounts are based on ViP’s (our partner GPO) rates.  However, once DPA members’ pooled minutes surpass 100,000 minutes per month, the DPA tier will be applied to each individual member.

For example, CHC#1 may use 35,000 minutes a month and will pay $0.81 per minute while CHC#2 uses 55,000 minutes a month and pays $0.77 a minute.  They collectively use 90,000 minutes.  But when CHC#3 comes to the table using 15,000 minutes a month, then all three members will see their rates drop to $0.75 per minute since collectively they make up 105K minutes a month.  This achieves DPA tier level 1.

Table 1 below lists ViP rates and table 2 lists DPA rates.

Language Services Associates (LSA):

LSA’s DPA agreement aggregates all DPA members’ minutes, as well.  But unlike CyraCom, LSA begins aggregating from the first minute.

Table 3 below lists LSA’s DPA tiers for VRI and Table 4 DPA OPI rates.

If anyone has interest in learning more about these savings opportunities, please contact Don Daniel at


Language Services Associates (LSA) offers a full suite of language interpretation solutions to help optimize the experience of limited English proficient customers and patients. Providing native language support improves the efficiency and productivity of staff, raises customer satisfaction levels, and builds loyalty. For more than 2,000 clients worldwide, in more than 200 languages, LSA provides a competitive differentiator in the healthcare, government, financial, insurance, banking, entertainment, hospitality and manufacturing industries.

Founded in 1991, LSA has a strong reputation for helping our clients build relationships, ensure accuracy, and make trusted connections with their limited English proficient customers and patients. As one of the largest and fastest-growing professional language services companies in the world, LSA’s passion for helping others drives our award-winning culture of service excellence. LSA’s services include Interpreting by TelephoneFace-to-Face InterpretingVideo Remote InterpretingAmerican Sign LanguageTranslation and Localization, and Language Assessments.

Stratus Video recently became a part of AMN Healthcare. Together, Stratus Video and AMN offer a stellar suite of expert services to support the mission of hospitals and other healthcare organizations that provide the best care for patients.

Stratus Video is a language services company that is changing the way limited English proficiency patients communicate with their healthcare providers.   We are the largest and fastest growing video remote interpreting company in the world with over 1,900 hospitals and thousands of clinics using our solutions. We offer four proprietary products that provide video remote interpretation, over the phone interpretation, onsite interpretation, and telehealth interoperability.

CyraCom is the leading provider of language interpreter services to healthcare. Whether in-person or via phone, video, mobile app, or written text, CyraCom bridges communication gaps for healthcare organizations that need rapid access to language assistance. The Company supports hundreds of languages and operates 24/7. CyraCom impacts the lives of millions in the United States by connecting those with limited English proficiency to healthcare services. In business since 1995, CyraCom services thousands of healthcare clients throughout the US, including many Fortune 500 healthcare providers – hospitals, systems, and insurers.