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Call4Health Creating Efficiencies, Increasing Revenue and Enhancing the Patient Experience

When the first health centers opened their doors in the 1960s, nearly every aspect of a health center’s operation was served by staff.  Today, with advances in technology and an ever-growing health center profile, businesses are beginning to offer solutions addressing the unique, specific needs of health centers and their patients.

Patient scheduling is a perfect example of a service where evolving technology can benefit health centers.  Most health centers manage their own scheduling functions.  However, that function can often be understaffed and with a high turnover rate.  And dated technology and untested processes for routing calls lead to long wait times, which leads to low patient satisfaction, high “no show” rates, and missed revenue opportunities.

Call4Health – a call center solution – offers scheduling services which benefits health centers through:

  • Guaranteed wait times of 45 seconds or less.
  • Call routing accuracy of 99%.
  • Integration with health center staff.
  • Direct interface with scheduling systems.

Most compelling is Call4Health’s positive revenue impact.  In the past several years, health centers who engaged Call4Health reported similar results.  In the case of one health center, leadership reported a 25% increase in scheduled visits while also experiencing a 25% reduction in “no shows”.  Another health center saw dental visits increase 25% within 6 months of engaging Call4Health, while medical visits per quarter increased 9%.

The DPA is proud to partner with Call4Health for its member scheduling needs, and we have negotiated a very favorable preferred pricing agreement.  For a free impact analysis, contact Alex Vactor ( or Rod Peredo ( to discuss how your health center might benefit from a Call4Health engagement.