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In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, you’ll see that we’ve focused on announcements from both new and long-standing Delta Purchasing Alliance (“DPA”) partners. For those of you who have been DPA members since our launch in 2016, you know that our original savings program was based entirely on our partnership with McKesson. In this issue of our newsletter, we’ve provided an update on McKesson supply chain issues relative to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

While many DPA members participate in our McKesson preferred pricing program for medical supplies and equipment, I’d like to remind everyone that we now have available savings programs in other areas which could have significant financial impact for your health centers:

  • Our office supply savings program with Staples offers not only the lowest GPO tier discounting available to community health centers, but as an enhancement Staples offers additional discounting on a “custom core” list of approximately 500 select products commonly purchased by health centers. The DPA/Staples program could save you 10% or more on your office supply, paper and toner purchasing.
  • We have new dental supply and equipment preferred pricing agreements with two vendors: Patterson Dental and Benco Dental. Patterson’s preferred pricing partnership with the DPA is the only such program available to community health centers. Likewise, Benco has negotiated a one-of-a-kind savings program available to health centers through the NACHC Value In Dental program, with additional savings available only to DPA members.
  • Our patient translation services programs available through Stratus, Cyracom and LSA are incredibly competitive. One DPA member who recently decided to switch from their existing translation service provider to LSA is saving approximately 40% annually, and has indicated LSA’s service has been top-notch.

So if you’re not taking full advantage of all of the DPA savings opportunities, why wait? Reach out to me at don.daniel@pmsnm.org and we’ll work with you to compare your current pricing with available DPA program.

Don Daniel
Executive Director
Community Health Best Practices, LLC