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Over the years, health center leaders have learned how important patient scheduling is in achieving multiple strategic goals.  For example, proper scheduling can effect patient satisfaction through reduced wait times.  Reduced wait times can result in low “no show” rates.  And low “no show” rates can positively influence organization revenue.  This is why so many health centers, in recent years, have begun auditing their scheduling workflows, increased their investment in scheduling functions and even outsourced patient calls and scheduling to outside experts.

Whether you prefer that someone manage your full scheduling function or simply to augment what you have in place today (through management of overflow calls), Call4Health is here to help.

Click here to read a summary on how Call4Health helped two health centers improve efficiencies and increase revenue.

FQHC Case Study #1

  • Reported a 20% net reduction on payroll (CHC employees became Call4Health employees).
  • Experienced a 25% increase in scheduled visits AND a 25% reduction of no shows.

FQHC Case Study #2

  • Dental encounters went from 24,000 per quarter to over 30,000 after Call4Health was engaged.
  • Medical encounters went from 35,000 per quarter to nearly 38,000 within 6 months of Call4Health being engaged.

The DPA is proud to partner with Call4Health for its member scheduling needs, and we have negotiated a very favorable preferred pricing agreement.  For a free impact analysis, contact Alex Vactor ( or Rod Peredo ( to discuss how your health center might benefit from a Call4Health engagement.