Can the Delta Purchasing Alliance (DPA) offer savings superior to a group purchasing organization (GPO)?
Yes. To be clear, the DPA is not a GPO. We partner with the nation’s largest GPO (Vizient/Provista) to access the incredible portfolio of discounts they negotiate with product manufacturers, suppliers and service vendors. The DPA then enhances those savings in a couple of ways: (1) we reduce the secondary components of your product price by, for example, negotiating fixed distributor “mark-up,” and (2) leveraging the combined purchasing power of the DPA’s member health centers, we are able to access GPO contract discount tiers generally not available to individual health centers who simply join a GPO.
How can I find out if the Delta Purchasing Alliance (DPA) can actually achieve cost savings for my health center?

The DPA is happy to offer free, fully transparent, no-obligation savings analyses for interested health centers. We will take a look at your recent purchasing history and compare it to the pricing the DPA offers to our members. We can do this, for example, for medical supplies, dental supplies, office supplies and/or patient translation services. We’ll provide you with a detailed analysis so you can make your own decisions about whether the DPA is a good option for your health center.

If you’re interested, just go here and provide your contact information so we can send details!

Is there any cost to join the Delta Purchasing Alliance (DPA)?

No. Membership is free for community health centers. And if, for some reason, you decide the DPA is not right for your health center, you can leave at any time without penalty.

Does the Delta Purchasing Alliance (DPA) offer networking for members?
Yes! Because we are health center-owned and operated, we are focused on providing opportunities for our members to learn from each other and share best practices in supply chain and procurement.

Our annual DPA Purchasing Summit (free to members) is a day-long conference where our members convene to share their best policies, operational tips and lessons learned. We also hear from our vendor and supplier partners regarding new savings opportunities and issues of common concern. This next DPA Purchasing Summit will be held January 31-February 1, 2024, in New Orleans, LA.

We also offer throughout the year a series of health center-hosted webinars in which our members provide “lunch-and-learn” type sessions on topics such as supply chain management software options, developing strong requests-for-proposals (RFPs) or developing skilled procurement professionals.

I have specific questions regarding the Delta Purchasing Alliance (DPA). Is there someone I can talk to get the information I need?

Yes, of course! Please reach out to Don Daniel at don.daniel@pmsnm.org, or send us your contact info and we’ll reach out to you right away.

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