Delta Purchasing Alliance was formed in 2014 after a couple of years of discussions, data analysis and strategizing. Our original goal was to leverage the combined size/purchasing power of DPA’s members to negotiate preferred vendor contracts and elevated group purchasing discount tiers. We viewed this purchasing alliance as a means to better support our in-house purchasing managers, CFOs and other procurement personnel.

  • Gathering a dynamic group of health center thought leaders to advise CHV on health centers’ unique challenges and possible solutions.
  • Identifying potential partner organizations committed to promoting the health center mission and with a deep understanding or unique perspective of health center challenges.
  • Evaluating those potential partners through a pilot program and validation process.
  • Securing value on behalf of health centers with partners who have successfully completed pilot evaluation.
  • Promoting chosen partners to the health center market.

CHV employees are health center people first and know that health centers rely on the expertise of partners to help provide high quality care to the patients and communities they serve. CHV is proud to partner with best in class distributors, manufacturers and suppliers while offering discounted rates to health centers.


Delta Purchasing Alliance (DPA) is proud to work with NACHC’s Value in Purchasing (ViP) program and their GPO partner, Provista. VIP and Provista ensure that DPA members get the best possible GPO cost while the DPA – by funneling their business through the largest national distributors of medical, dental and office supplies – secures the lowest possible distributor “mark-ups.”

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